Build psychological safety for your team in 5 steps

  1. Encourage curiosity in your team members — ask them to explore and experiment. Curiosity is emerging as the single most powerful force in business performance. Encourage people to be curious and be curious about them.
  2. Allow them to graze their knees without breaking their legs — make it ok to fail, but when they do, ensure they don’t hurt themselves or the company catastrophically. Safe failure encourages ambition and exploration. Help them find the sweet spot of Curious which sits between Cautious and Careless.
  3. Find learning not blame when things don’t go as expected. Think back through your own career — when did you learn? When you made a mistake right? Let your team learn without the fear they’ll get fired.
  4. Actively ask for opinions. As leaders, we often feel the need to have all the answers. You don’t need to anymore. You can simply ask them what they think, encourage them, and provided their answer is on the right track, let them have at it. Not only do you not have to have all the answers, but it also helps them feel more confident to speak up.
  5. Share with them that you are changing — when I am mentoring clients, I always suggest they tell their team they are working on themselves and what in particular. This humility helps reduce the change people see and helps them support and encourage you — making everyone feel safer.
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Jimmy Burroughes

Jimmy Burroughes

Showing leaders and teams how to change their conversations to change their business performance results.